Kanto FAQ

  • I want a Premium subscription

    Start enjoying Kanto Premium. Choose your ideal plan here.
  • How Kanto works?

    With the TV application, gather your friends and family for your parties at home and use the mobile application as a remote control to interact and play in a group. With the mobile application sing everywhere, share your recordings, get followers and be part of the weekly ranking.
    Find the app on your cell phone and connect with the Smart TV app. You can throw tomatoes, eggs, flowers, send messages and dedications. Have fun!
    Look how is the experience in the TV here and #LiveSinging
  • On which devices or platforms is Kanto available?

    You can get Kanto in Android, iOS and Smart TV
  • The app is free or paid?

    Kanto is a free download application on Smart TV and mobile. To sing without limits and have access to all the functions of the app, it is necessary to purchase a Premium subscription. The Monthly Plan has a free trial period in the firsts 7 days.
  • With what currency the charges are made?

    The payments are mainly in US dollars according to the exchange rate of your bank.
  • What payment method do they use?

    You can purchase a Premium Kanto subscription using a credit or debit card as payment. If you want information on how to pay in cash, contact us at or to the number+51 941 390 499.
  • How can I link my phone to my TV?

    To connect a cell phone to the TV, you must enter the Kanto TV application. Then you enter the option 'USE YOUR PHONE' and just follow the instructions.
  • I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

    Usually happens that you forget your data. In a simple step you can Recover your password
  • I wanna change my password

    To change your password you have to login here.
  • How can I extend my subscription?

    If you wish to extend your subscription, contact us. Write us
  • I can't find my favorite song, why?

    We would love to have all the music in the world and that you can sing your favorite songs. We want to know which artist or song you would like to be in the Kanto catalog to be able to add it. Let us know in
  • I can't login

    We're here to help. Contact us to and tell us what is the problem
    Contact us to our social media: Facebook and Twitter
    Send us a WhatsApp message to > +51 941 390 499
    or call us to
    Peru 0800-76766
    Argentina 0800-2220652
    Colombia 01-800-5185330
    Chile 1-888-00201446
    Mexico 01-800-0993487
  • How can I connect my microphone?

    Do it as conventionally done, connect your microphone to a sound system and enjoy all our functions.
  • I have another problem

    We're here to help. Contact us to and tell us what is the problem